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GREEN CARD HUNTERS (GCHs).Recently we published “Classification of s”

GREEN CARD HUNTERS (GCHs).Recently we published “Classification of s”

Getting married at the earliest opportunity

After marriage, strat to get use of the spouse’s bank accounts and credit cards. The girl may need her very own banking account (that she was given her own car and apartment or house so she could later move money from family or savings account into her own), or that her name was added to the hour and car titles, or that those valuables were moved completely under her name, or.

Developing a network of other immigrants that are russian the location. That is often followed by telling them stories of abuse, neglect and sufferings (those Russian buddies will serve as witnesses in the future)

She might begin looking for a nearby United States boyfriend whose monetary support she can be determined by when she out from the wedding relationship (optional)

After the change of status petition is filed aided by the INS, the nastier an element of the plan is carry out. It will often consist of

Escalation of incidences of violence (verbal or physical) on the component toward the spouse or their young ones, that might provoke the spouse to become verbally or actually aggressive as a result

Can include razor- sharp escalation of demands for full monetary autonomy from the spouse, or periods of unexplained absences from your home

In most cases this area of the plan includes staging a “conflict” incident (can sometimes include actually assaulting the spouse, yelling really noisy to attract attention associated with next-door next-door neighbors, producing self-inflicted scratches and bruises; staging a “conflict” scene by overturning furniture, after which putting a 911 call.)

Getting police in the scene

Obtaining the spouse arrested on domestic physical violence costs

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